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5 Characteristics of Exceptional Managers and Leaders

What makes good managers and leaders exceptional? Good managers and leaders have the ability to set clear direction, create alignment, and foster an unwavering commitment to a productive and positive work environment. But what will make them exceptional? Below is a list of five behaviors, attitudes, or orientations that make good managers and leaders exceptional.

1. At the top of my list is self-awareness.

They have a deep and evolved level of self-awareness. They understand who they are, how to harness their unique talents and strengths, and harness them as creative forces at work and in life.

2. They are enrolling.

They have the ability to excite employees and colleagues with their ideas, their vision, and the kind of organizational culture they want to foster. Generating excitement, enthusiasm and “aliveness” is an essential element of effective communication, a key leadership skill.

3. Next on my list is the ability to see people as resourceful.

When managers and leaders operate from this posture, they assume competition toward employees and peers. They invite employees, colleagues and teams to harness their creativity and diversity of ideas to help solve organizational challenges and problems. The result is increased productivity and positivity within teams and the organization as a whole.

4. They have the ability to nurture talent.

They are good trainers. In this orientation, managers and leaders have the belief that each employee has something of value to contribute to the organization. And they have the ability to tap into those contributions and the innate potential of others through insightful questioning, listening, recognition, and challenging assignments.

5. And finally, they value purposeful execution and implementation.

They understand that the results they achieve do not depend on the benefits of a well-defined strategy, but on the solidity of its execution. They know that the best strategic objectives cannot survive poor execution: success is 10% vision and 90% execution.

You are good at what you do. Don’t settle for the good. Be exceptional. You can do this by constantly challenging yourself to be exceptional. Make better decisions, plan better, execute better – whatever you do, hold excellence to the standard in everything you do. And being exceptional allows you to stand tall and above those who are just good.

Best of all, you will be more successful, move forward faster, and live a richer life.

Bottom line. If you want to break through the functional glass ceiling and excel in your career, be exceptional at what you do.

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