5 important strategies that big brands implement with influencers

Traditional forms of advertising no longer work. Commercials and online advertisements are easily overlooked, skipped and muted, leaving budgets with little to show for customer acquisition and brand awareness. It’s 2018 and people are looking for information from those they trust or see as experts. That’s what makes influencer marketing so valuable. It opens the door for authentic stories and […]

How healthy is food from meal delivery services?

Meal delivery services are chef-prepared meals that are a valuable alternative to fast food. The main concept of meal delivery services is easy meal planning and high-quality meals that are healthier and more balanced. Expert preparation and fast food delivery will give you a good rest and you will still enjoy a delicious meal and a healthy experience. The changing […]

Where to Report Online Gambling

Online Gambling If you see someone participating in illegal online gambling, there are many different places you can go to report it. The FBI, for example, accepts complaints from concerned citizens and forwards them to state gaming commissions that investigate illegal online gambling sites. In addition to the FBI, you can also report gambling activity through the IC3 website. However, […]