What makes a good translation?

Of course, there is no absolute answer as to what makes a “good” or “bad” translation. In a certain sense, a good translation is one that can be done with the available budget and fulfilling its purpose. However, there are times when the quality of the text is the predominant factor: a well-written and easily understandable text will save your […]

Introduction to acne problems

What is acne? Acne (acne vulagaris) is a common skin disorder that affects nearly 100 million people worldwide. Regardless of age, acne is commonly found in adolescents going through puberty, as new hair follicles tend to become clogged below the surface of the skin. This certainly does not rule out that acne affects women and men equally, as many people […]

cat eye disorders

EYE TUMORS Seventy-five percent of cat eye tumors are malignant and aggressive forms of cancer (in dogs, the ratio is reversed, with 75 percent of tumors being benign and not spreading or life-threatening) . An iris melanoma is the most common type of tumor that affects the eyes of cats. Older cats may develop a visible brown or black spot […]

Selected for a Business Personal Property Tax Audit – Now What?

The real estate implosion has been devastating for local government budgets. Property taxes, once the most stable source of local government revenue, are trending downward as property values ​​decline. As a result, more personal property audits are being conducted to generate much-needed revenue. If your business has been selected for a commercial personal property audit in Georgia, here are some […]

3 Essentials of High School Soccer Training

high school football coach it is something that can make a big difference in winning or losing soccer games. Strategies regarding football formations, playing styles, football defense, speed of play and free kicks are some of the most important elements that can be given to school football players. secondary a winning advantage over the other team. Playing with a much […]