How to handle rising costs during software development

However, every company wants to minimize their project costs and be able to develop a viable product with a respectable set of features. A better way to introduce profitability is to opt for custom software development services. In other words, you need to hire individual/third party resources for your project or even, in some cases, completely outsource your project to […]

Marketing strategy: change before you have to

Even the best marketing strategies need to be revised, if not revised. Changes in the market environment can drastically change the marketing mix and your product plans. Marketing strategy should be viewed as a process, which means that the best marketing plans will change sooner or later. Strategic change can be caused by many forces; sometimes change is a threat […]

Brainbox Quizmaster Movies Quiz Game for iPhone Review

Brainbox Quizmaster Movies Quiz Game for iPhone is a great game that explores the extraordinary world of movies. There are movies that make us fall in love, old or new, actors and actresses who have become our idols. Who did not have posters with actors in childhood? Or who didn’t dream of becoming the next great actor by watching television […]

The Elders and the Invisible Elders

Last September (September 1 to be exact) I was in a wheelchair in an emergency room with a fractured patella that occurred in a moment of completely lucid but disturbed balance. But here’s the good news: the beer bottle he was carrying was unharmed. Not a single broken glass or drop of sparkling goodness was wasted. (That takes talent!) I […]

How to get dewy skin in 5 easy steps

Smooth, moist skin is sexy. A dewy face says, “I’m young, I’m healthy, and yes, I look good.” Any self-respecting fashionista has her own secret tactics for getting a kissable beauty mist look. But if somehow your recipe for making your skin glow without looking greasy has failed you, keep reading, because in a matter of minutes your skin and […]

The healthiest treats to feed your ferrets

When those beady eyes gaze longingly from that adorable furry face, it can be hard to resist the urge to indulge your ferret with whatever temptation the little trickster is trying to provoke in you. But keep in mind that, as with everything in life, moderation is the key; no more than 5% of your ferret’s overall diet should consist […]