How to make your website compatible with Google’s Mobile-First Index

Google has started rolling out its mobile-first index, which is a direct change to one of the biggest changes in user behavior. The change is not unexpected, as in the past two years, surveys and research have revealed that mobile accounts for approximately fifty-seven percent of all traffic. This move by Google means that mobile-optimized websites will take precedence over […]

What does an Xbox 360 mod chip do?

If you own an Xbox 360, or if you’re thinking of getting one, you’ve probably heard of mod chips. In fact, if you have anything to do with game consoles these days, you will have heard of mod chips, mod systems, chip systems, and mods. They all refer to the same thing: a chip that is created to make changes […]

The Best of Authentic Spicy Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipes

Most Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipes found outside of Jamaica are a huge disappointment. They usually consist of a mild and slightly spicy chicken breast that is grilled and served. These idiotic recipes don’t even come close to what you’ll find in Jamaican idiotic shacks. This Jamaican chicken recipe will change all that. We’re talking about hot, well-seasoned spicy chicken, cooked […]