5 things to consider before buying kitchen cabinets

If you are going to remodel your kitchen, you may be looking for new kitchen cabinets. Before making a decision, we suggest you consider a few important things. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the basics of buying kitchen cabinets, including construction, quality, style, size, budget, and finish. You need to consider these things before buying […]

Looking for car insurance quote?

Car insurance quote: How much do you need? All car buyers go through a checklist before buying their new car. The most important item on the list is car insurance and the car insurance estimate. Auto insurance acts as protection for your car as a whole. Your insurance officer can offer you a wide range of auto insurance depending on […]

Benefits of Field Inspection Mobile Form Apps

Mobile phones and telecommunications services are getting better and cheaper every year. Mobile phones are revolutionizing business. Today we use applications for everything, such as ordering food, making payments and ordering taxis. All kinds of businesses, large and small, rely on ubiquitous mobile phones to maximize efficiency and productivity. Field inspection and data collection agencies are also looking at the […]

5 Clever April Fools’ Day Promotions

Promoting your business during the holidays is just another great way to increase your sales. The most recognized holidays are Christmas, New Years, Easter, July 4th, Black Friday as well. However, all celebrations are a good occasion to show what you do and get a sale or two at the end of the day. Here are 5 ways to make […]

Cult leaders as snake oil salesmen

Women marked with permanent scars in the flesh. People living in complete isolation with all aspects of their lives monitored and controlled. False religions where passing the collection plate actually means donating all personal property. Are these examples of darkness in the Middle Ages or behind the curtain of a totalitarian country? No, these situations are happening in the US […]

What is intermittent fasting all about and is it something you should be doing?

Intermittent fasting has become more popular than ever in recent years! There are plenty of celebrities, physical therapists, and influencers singing its praises in terms of fat loss! In this article, I look at what’s involved, the potential pros and cons, and whether it’s right for you. So first, what is it!? Many consider intermittent fasting to be a diet, […]

just say hello angelica

How do you feel when you’re alone? Are you self-aware and painfully aware that you are friendly? Can you imagine people wondering why you’re standing there alone? Do your attempts to appear like a thoughtful, independent professional, rather than a walk-in wonder, come across as contrived and make you cringe? Perhaps the following true stories will change the way you […]

Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Retailers

Direct mail marketing tips to drive retailers more traffic to your front door. Business is lousy. The economy is sunken. You’re looking around your store and saying, “Where is everyone?” Good news: If you’re a retailer, here are some direct mail marketing tips to show you how to get people to show up at your door. If you work for […]

Zelda as protagonist

I came across an interesting article from Nintendo Enthusiast detailing a theoretical idea for a Legend of Zelda title; one where Zelda is the protagonist and the player-controlled character instead of Link. The author was curious as to why it hadn’t been done sooner and wondered if Zelda was just a character unable to lead a title of her own. […]