Is there a better way to homeschool?

If you ask 100 homeschoolers what is the best way to homeschool children, you will probably get 100 different answers! That’s how it is! So what is the best way to homeschool? Your way. What makes your way A better way? You take your children’s strengths and weaknesses into consideration when choosing the type of work you will need. You […]

Kyphosis Treatment: It is true that people decline as they age, have you ever thought why?

One of the causes of this decrease in height is thoracic kyphosis, also known as a rounded upper back. WhatIs it kyphosis? Kyphosis occurs when there is excessive curvature of the spine, eventually causing a humpy appearance in the upper back. Between 20 and 40% of older adults experience kyphosis. The biggest change in the thoracic curve occurs in women […]

Cocaine Plant Employees & Cocaine Explained

Cocaine Plant Employees Cocaine, also known as coke, is any of the Four cultivated plants in the elytophorocyanic family Erythroxylon, native to central South America. It has been used as a psychoactive substance by the ancient people and is still popular with users today. Cocaine is also referred to as coke because of its taste, which some consider unpleasant, but […]

The Chicago visit of 1913

The ancient prophet once cried out, “Oh, if you would tear the heavens and come down!” That cry has been echoed in all generations of those who have hungered for the manifestation of the presence of the living God. Throughout the history of the church, God has torn the heavens and intervened on behalf of his people. The Great Visitation […]