10 ideas to grill’n fruits and vegetables on the Weber Genesis E-320 gas grill

For many people, grilling is all about meat, more like MEEEEAT, and the rest of the food or menu is prepared in their indoor kitchen. The great thing about the Weber Genesis E-320 Propane Gas Grill is that the 12,000 BTU side burner opens up several more options to control your dining and dining experience right from your patio. However, having made that observation, we are always amazed at the amount of “sides” and even “desserts” that can be prepared directly on the E-320’s grill.

First things first, the grill grate must be thoroughly cleaned and the grate must be well greased. On top of that, make sure the vegetables or fruits have been slaughtered with olive oil, drizzled with cooking oil, or hand rubbed with butter. Don’t use your expensive EVOO for this, but you can if you want. Olive oils flavored with your favorite seasoning, herbs, and spices are wonderful for grilling. Placed on a medium to medium-high heat grill, various vegetables and fruits make for wonderful textures and flavors that are a delicious change from raw, steamed, grilled, and fried. If you enjoy the taste of slightly charred food, grilling this way is a perfect way to capture that flavor in fruits and vegetables.

Note that this is not a “close the lid and check again later” cooking technique. When grilling fruits and vegetables, it is best to be attentive to the cooking process. Vegetables and fruits will both become mushy and mushy or even burn if left on the flame for too long. When the fruits are grilled, the heat caramelizes the natural sugar and this, along with the smoke from the grill, provides that wonderfully unique grilled flavor.

Here’s how you can prepare some of your favorite vegetables and fruits on the Weber Genesis E-320 Gas Grill.

# 1 Asparagus is perfect for this when mixed with a little lemon, garlic butter and spread on the grill. Grilling gives a really different flavor to broadcasting or even grilling on a George Forman. Great also with flavored oils.

# 2 Fried green tomatoes should be placed in a roasting basket or foil with holes in them, but they have much less fat than fried ones and the charcoal flavor is excellent.

# 3 Eggplant is a favorite, whether it’s thinly sliced ​​and crispy or sliced ​​thick and made like a vegetable steak. This is also true for a sweet onion like Vidalia. Just brush with EVOO then drizzle some balsamic vinegar on top before flipping.

# 4 Leeks and baby bok choy are made the same way. Sliced ​​lengthwise and oiled with balsamic, Worcestershire or soy sauce and placed slices side down, they are packed with flavor.

# 5 Corn on the cob from the grill tastes totally different. Pull the husk to use as a handle, grease the corn, and place on the grill, turning frequently.

# 6 Roasted romaine or endive is cut lengthwise and drizzled with olive or canola oil and placed flat side down. For a popping flavored Caesar salad, use chopped grilled romaine lettuce.

# 7 Pineapples are a favorite on the grill. Use freshly cut rings doused with cooking oil and look for the grill marks!

# 8 Pears and apples are super grilled, especially when sprinkled with a spice like cinnamon. Brushing them with a little lime juice will prevent them from browning before you’re ready to put them on the grill.

# 9 Apricots, peaches, and other soft tree fruits can also be grilled with an eagle eye in the process. Just remove the bone and cook the halves on the grill. Just great with pork.

# 10 Bananas can even be grilled. Yes, that is a grilled banana. Use firm, not very ripe fruit that has been hand rubbed with butter. Grill until golden brown with a few grill marks and remove. Cut the banana lengthwise and place the halves flat side down on enough aluminum foil to make a bundle. Next, cut up your favorite dark chocolate bar (Snickers and Mounds, YUM) and sprinkle chunks over the banana. Then lift the foil and seal the package. Return to the grill for two to three minutes until the chocolate is melted.

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